It’s wednesday, and in France it is kids day !!!

I would like to share with you my secret of the Strongman suit. It’s a really easy DIY costume that will impress everyone !


What do you need ?

Strippy t-shirt and  a pair of plain shorts or inversely

Black and white acrylic paint

Two black balloons

Wrapping paper cardboard roll


Wonderful moustache

Pencil eye liner

Kids tatoos

Wet effect gel

Joseph Birthday party-1 Joseph Birthday party-2 Joseph Birthday party-3 Joseph Birthday party-4 Joseph Birthday party-5 Joseph Birthday party-7

What to do ?

For the tank top, I cut it  to create a low cut tank top.

To make the barbells, paint black the wrapping paper cardboard roll. Blow up the balloons and paint numbers on them.Tie the elastic to one balloon and thread through the tube, then tie to the other balloon so they are held tight by the elastic.

To finish dress your kid, draw some fake hair on his chest, put gel on his hair, stick a tattoo on his arm, and glue the moustache. Ready !!!

Now, it’s your turn !

Joseph Birthday party-112