The theme of this Mendhi party was « vintage Indian wedding ». I didn’t have any idea of what was a modern sari or a vintage saree.  It was my first Indian weeding and I haven’t been disappointed. It was so colorful ! All those people sharing their tradition and their culture.

Each bridesmaid was dressed with a different color. The jewelery and the accessories have been chosen with a lot of taste.


Powerful mix of orange and violet, brightened-up with golden jewels.

L&I Mendhi-8 L&I Mendhi-10 L&I Mendhi-13

Red is always amazing, isn’t it ?

L&I Mendhi-14 L&I Mendhi-16 L&I Mendhi-17

Those violet jewels are perfection.

L&I Mendhi-42 L&I Mendhi-45 L&I Mendhi-46

Blue and yellow, the perfect match.

L&I Mendhi-51 L&I Mendhi-52 L&I Mendhi-54

Sparkling girl with golden jewels.

L&I Mendhi-70 L&I Mendhi-73 L&I Mendhi-74

Enigmatic sister of the bride.

L&I Mendhi-85 L&I Mendhi-86 L&I Mendhi-88

Who could better worn a brighten red saree than an Indian girl ?

L&I Mendhi-140 L&I Mendhi-142 L&I Mendhi-143

By tradition, a bride has to wear a green saree because it is the islamic color .

L&I Mendhi-111 L&I Mendhi-119 L&I Mendhi-121


Getting ready is an important stage for the Indian woman. The saree is wrapped by a dresser because there is a special way to wear it.

L&I Mendhi-61 L&I Mendhi-65 L&I Mendhi-68

The bride is getting ready.

L&I Mendhi-83 L&I Mendhi-98 L&I Mendhi-100 L&I Mendhi-102 L&I Mendhi-103


L&I Mendhi-105 L&I Mendhi-130 L&I Mendhi-133

Ready to go at the Mendhi party

L&I Mendhi-147 L&I Mendhi-149 L&I Mendhi-152

Women only

L&I Mendhi-155 L&I Mendhi-161 L&I Mendhi-163 L&I Mendhi-167 L&I Mendhi-176

Henna ceremony

L&I Mendhi-196 L&I Mendhi-197 L&I Mendhi-203

Here comes the groom

L&I Mendhi-248 L&I Mendhi-252

Indian photobooth

L&I Mendhi-242 L&I Mendhi-245