Spring brides, you are so lucky !

The peak peony season begins in early spring and extends through late June.

The blooms are available in a large choice of colors, yellow, white, cream and in a range of pinks and reds. Those flowers can complement a large type of wedding, romantic, chic, rustic, boho… Whatever your style, the peonies will fit your wedding. You can decide to go for a shade of pink or you can also choose to mix the peonies with different kind of flowers, like anemones (I love anemones), roses or ranunculus for example.

To help inspire you for you wedding day, go on my pinterest, I’ve made my selection of peonies wedding bouquet.

Peonies-1 Peonies-12 Peonies-14 Peonies-16 Peonies-17 Peonies-18