Thanks to a french blogger, Cécile from withalovelikethat, I’ve discovered the vegetable oils.

I have 32 years old, and when my friends are talking about wrinkles, I’m still trying to get rid of my acne… No but seriously, what’s wrong with my skin ???

I’ve heard that creams and even dermatological creams are made from toxic products. Not really healthy, isn’t it ?

So, I decided to move to vegetable oils. It is more and more famous in France (my country of origin), but tell me if I’m wrong, it’s pretty hard to find in the UK (where I live).

But thanks God, aromazone, can deliver within the UK. That is absolutely fab, because they have plenty of choice !

I’ve recently received my order, I’m starting to use the products. I’ll tell you quickly what I think about it. But, trust me, I felt like a scientist when I was mixing the oils !

And if you speak french, there is a wonderful website, this guy is amazing, he explains everything and gives recipes to create your perfect bio skin cares.

And you, I’ve you ever tried the vegetable oils ? What do you think about it ?

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