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Newborn session – Shoreditch

Newlyweds Chris and Darina live in London where they met five years ago. They married a year ago on the beautiful island of Vis, Croatia, surrounded by friends and family from the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. It has been a busy year for them ever since. They welcomed their gorgeous baby boy Arlo into the world in May and they have launched a personal shopping service for kids in August, I met them in.. Read More

Family session in Dubai

A lovely family session in the heart of the marina of Dubai. Sunglasses, colorful dress and fun ! « After doing stunning pictures for our wedding, I could obviously only think of one photographer to do our first family shoot in honour of our daughter turning one. What a delight it was to hear that Laila was passing through Dubai and that she was willing and able to do our shoot. We decided to do it.. Read More

Beautiful peonies

Spring brides, you are so lucky ! The peak peony season begins in early spring and extends through late June. The blooms are available in a large choice of colors, yellow, white, cream and in a range of pinks and reds. Those flowers can complement a large type of wedding, romantic, chic, rustic, boho… Whatever your style, the peonies will fit your wedding. You can decide to go for a shade of pink or you can.. Read More

A yummy recipe for the week end, Banana cakes

The weather channel has told that it is going to rain « one more time » this saturday…  OMG, what am I going to do with my kids ???!!! Let’s do some banana cakes. Trust me, it’s easy to do, and everybody will like it ! This is my recipe : Ingredients 200g flour 150g sugar 4 bananas 50g butter 1 egg a pinch of salt 100ml milk 1 tea spoon baking powder Sift the flour, the baking.. Read More

Vegetable oils

Thanks to a french blogger, Cécile from withalovelikethat, I’ve discovered the vegetable oils. I have 32 years old, and when my friends are talking about wrinkles, I’m still trying to get rid of my acne… No but seriously, what’s wrong with my skin ??? I’ve heard that creams and even dermatological creams are made from toxic products. Not really healthy, isn’t it ? So, I decided to move to vegetable oils. It is more.. Read More

Rainy day, pastry day

Yesterday I had the pleasure to enjoy an Afternoon tea at the Corinthia hotel. We haven’t been enough big eater to finish all the pastries served. We packed home the last two pastries… Finally, as it was raining this morning, I didn’t decide to eat the pastries. Well, I could eat those beautiful pastries later… Equipped with my Marumi macro filter and with a light garland to create a nice bokeh, I decided to shoot the « The Gazebo » and « The.. Read More


Located just south of Dubai on the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman is a country filled with white sand beaches, rolling desert dunes and expansive mountain ranges. It’s home to the legendary Sinbad the Sailor and the Queen of Sheba…

Macro filter received, tested and approved !

  If you are a wedding photographer, you know how important it is to shoot wedding details such as rings, dress or invitation. Buying a macro lens would be the best solution to shoot all those tiny details, but if it is not in your budget, you could try to use a Marumi macro filter. There is no loss of light, it’s not as heavy and big as a lens, and last but not least,.. Read More